The Black Widow. In South Carolina this is the most Venomous spider we have. Black Widows like to hide in dark crevices like wood piles. or dark locations in houses like garages and basements. They are highly distinguished by their black bodies and a red or orange hour glass like shape. But some have been found without any red or orange on them. If you are bitten by a Black Widow seek medical attention immediately.

The Brown Recluse is another highly venomous spider. Second to only the Black Widow. They like to hide outside in logs, rocks, and in firewood piles. If they manage to come inside your house they will seek dark places like boxes, shoes, and furniture. The Brown Recluse is distinguished by their light brown color and what appears as a violin shape on the top of their heads. If you are bitten by a Brown Recluse seek medical attention when you can.

Probably the largest population of spider in South Carolina belongs to the Wolf Spider. They are distinguished by their color and their hairy like bodies. Wolf spiders can and will bite to be defensive and those bites are very painful. Most do not require medical attention.

This is a small index of South Carolina Venomous Spiders.

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