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A little bit behind the scenes so you know what you are getting when you call.

Kyle Tucker is the owner and pest control operator here at Premier Pest Control. In 2008 he graduated High School at Union High School and went to work work at a landscaping company where he started his venture in pest control. In 2013 Kyle left the landscaping company and got hired by the State of South Carolina Department of Corrections. In 2016 Kyle was transferred inside the Department of Corrections and went to work inside the Horticulture/Agriculture division where he did pest control for the state. In October of 2021 Kyle decided to start a new venture and with his family by his side he left his job with the State of South Carolina and opened his own business Premier Pest Control. The Tucker Family is an huge Advocate for the Autism Awareness community. This business was started so that Kyle could be there for his son Colton who suffers from Autism. So Premier Pest Control will strive to make sure that 1) Every family is given the best treatment at the lowest cost because pest control should not break anyone's bank account. And 2) Autism Awareness reaches the far corners of South Carolina, and way beyond. Remember only you are your Childs biggest advocate. We are Colton's.

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Family owned and operated, Premier Pest Control is a local pest control company that knows the importance of having peace and comfort in your home. We strive to provide customers with the best pest control experience, while making sure you are able to continue to put your family first. We value loyalty and kindness, and work hard to provide customers with not only the best value, but also a positive experience. If you have any pest problems, we look forward to talking with you today!